Absorption of vibrations

Vibration absorption

Test protocol

As dedicated scientists, we're here to explain how we've demonstrated that our motorcycle mount effectively prevents damage to your smartphone's optical stabilizer by absorbing engine and road vibrations better than its direct competitors. To conduct our experiment, you'll need the following materials:

- Shapeheart XL motorcycle mount
- Rigid motorcycle mount from a competing brand
- Handlebars
- Smartphone: OnePlus 6Pro
- Physic Toolbox Suite app (for accelerometer data)
- Dropbox account
- Tone generator from https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/ to generate a 40Hz frequency.

Simply place the smartphone in one of the mounts, attach it to the handlebars, start data acquisition using the Physic Toolbox Suite app, and play the 40Hz tone using the tone generator.


On average and according to all the axes of the accelerometer, we calculated the power transmitted by the vibrations to smartphone ( RMS = Root Mean Square).

According to all axes, the Shapeheart support absorbs the vibrations of the engine compared to a rigid support by 47% on average.

A Shapeheart support will absorb the half of the vibrations emitted by the engine from your motorcycle to your smartphone.

These vibrations are what cause the degradation of the optical/electronic components that are used to take pictures on a smartphone.


Well, all the components are made to absorb vibrations, unlike a bracket where the connection is rigid. It is as if your smartphone was directly connected to your motorcycle engine.

The differences of the Shapeheart motorcycle mount:

- The sleeve textile (vs. a hard shell)

- The silicone attachment (vs. a metal/plastic attachment)

- The dock base which is made of silicone (vs. a plastic/metal adapter)

We are also often asked the question, whether the smartphone Shapeheart mount will break the smartphone stabilizer.
So we decided to answer it in a new article available right here.

Attention! Contrary to our sleeves, the adhesive steel plate does not fully protect from engine and road vibrations. The 2 wheels listed on the product page can damage the optical stabilizer of your smartphone by vibrations.

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