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Magnetic smartphone fork stem mount for bike


🇫🇷 The discreet and effective detachable magnetic holder
🧲 Screws on in place of stem cap
🚲 Guaranteed for 10 years: speed, cobblestones, mountain bikes, potholes, sidewalks
🌍 Validated by thousands of cyclists worldwide

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How does it work?

Step 1: Screw on your mount in place of the stem cover.

Step 2: Protect your phone in the sleeve or glue the metal plate to your phone shell.

Step 3: Snap the sleeve or metal plate into place, centering it on the holder. And off you go for a bike ride - your phone won't budge.

Does it hold?

Yes, it does. And it's holding strong!

But rather than a long speech, here are a few important points:

  • Paving stones, potholes, sidewalks, mountain bikes... the support holds!
  • The magnetic system supports up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone.
  • Validated at high speed: 226km/h on a motorcycle and 70km/h on an ATV (video below).
  • The phone doesn't move on the handlebars, it doesn't turn.
  • The system has been validated by over 5,000 stores.

And you can imagine that, for the past 5 years, if our supports didn't work, we wouldn't be here anymore, and the best chains wouldn't sell us.

Product advantages
  • Protects against road vibrations
  • Perfectly touchscreen sleeve with velcro closure
  • Protects against rain
  • Landscape/portrait tilting without tools
  • Face ID compatible (Android)
  • Central opening for USB port / headphones
  • Everything is included in the pack , which includes:
    - The stem screw mount
    - The Pro sleeve
    - The Allen key
    - The carry bag
  • Compatible with 1" 1/8 headset (or 28 to 32 mm)
  • Compatible with M6 fork star
  • 3 sleeve sizes compatible with all phone brands without removing the protective case (see size guide)
  • Harmless to the phone: the magnets are located between two iron plates that cut off the magnetic field at the phone.
  • Patent pending


A powerful magnetic mount


A powerful magnetic mount

We had fun asking a mountain biker (who does the French downhill championships after all) to try to make our magnetic mount fall the smartphone.

He failed :)


Turnkey installation


Turnkey installation

1. Using the key hex, unscrew the stem cover and position the mount in the fork tube.

2. Insert the mount as far as it will go by hand, remove the rubber cover from the mount and finish screwing with the key in the middle of the magnets.

3. Replace the rubber cover on the mount. Insert your phone into the sleeve, snap it to the mount (making sure it's centered) and off you go!


Compatible with your smartphone


Compatible with your smartphone

Choose the sleeve best suited to your phone from our 3 sizes for an optimal fit.
Measure the height of your phone with the shell or search from our list below (advice given with the shell).


Can someone steal my phone?

It's a legitimate question, but it's not a concern we're seeing at all.
On the one hand, you have to bear in mind that the bracket is removable. Our brackets are very discreet, with no apparent distinctive sign. There's no more risk than when you're walking down the street with your phone in your hand.
Most snatch thefts take place on public transport. In the metro, for example, where once the doors are closed, there's nothing you can do about it.
Once again, this is a legitimate question, but we haven't had the slightest feedback on this type of theft.

Are magnets dangerous for my phone?

No. Simply because there is no magnetic field in the sleeve or through the plate. We explain it all here.

Just think, brands like Apple now even put magnets inside the phone.

Which version to choose?

It's all explained : here.

Is the sleeve tactile?

Yes, of course. And to ensure that the touch is as responsive as possible, it's important to choose the right size of sleeve, so please refer to our size guide.

Does the sleeve really protect against the rain?

The Classic and Pro sleevees provide protection from the rain, but are not designed to be immersed in water - they are not waterproof. For this, you need to choose the waterproof sleeve.
But in normal conditions, you can ride in the rain without worry with our 3 sleevees.

Can I charge my phone?

Yes, of course! The Classic and Pro sleevees have a slot for the charger cable.

What if I change my smartphone?

If you stay with the same size, you don't have to buy anything. If not, you can buy just the sleeve, no need to buy the whole thing again.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, up to 10 years by registering your product. All explained here.

Is it compatible with induction and/or Magsafe charging?

The metal plate is not compatible with induction charging.

The Magsafe won't be enough to withstand the shocks. It is essential to use the Shapeheart sleeve or plate to ensure proper use of the brackets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Michael Strauß

Bike fork phone holder

Bike fork phone holder

Very good, the magnet is strong. I recommend this item

Very good product

I bought the version that is installed on the stem. Very good product, easy to install and of good quality. I am very satisfied with it.

phone holder + bike fork

Not easy to assemble and septic on the rubber support over time

Nicolas Le Grelle
Really great !

Easy installation, perfect product, I will probably equip myself again for other two wheels!