Motorcycle mount, camera and optical stabilizer

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Will the Shapeheart stand break my smartphone?

We are asked this question every day. Because yes, many of you have seen your iPhone or other smatphone unable to take a photo or a video due to the breakage of the optical stabilizer of the camera.

Many tweets, messages on forums, or Youtube videos on the subject. Some of us have experienced this little inconvenience. Because yes, a smartphone without photo/video is quite penalizing.

The brands that are concerned by this problem have now put a warning message on their websites. We won't quote the main ones but all the brands offering this type of rigid mount have the same problem.


Let's start with the basics. In all smartphones there is a stabilizer to make sure that you can take sharp pictures. This stabilizer is either mechanical or digital. If it is digital, no problem. If it's mechanical, that's where the problems come in (this is particularly the case with iPhones).

As we know, vibrations in many areas are very bad. Indeed, the vibrations of the motorbikes will make the stabilizer of the smartphone enter in resonance which will thus fail. Consequence? No more photo or video possible, which is very annoying. Not to mention the cost of the repair.

Is this the case with all media? No.
And with all bikes? No, it is not.

If you have a rigid plastic or steel mount on your handlebars, on which you attach your smartphone, also in a rigid case, it will transfer all the vibrations of the motorcycle or bike (in rarer cases) directly into your smartphone and there is a risk of breakage. And if you have a motorcycle that vibrates a lot like Harley or MT07 to name a few. You know the rest...

And there is no strict rule. Some break after a few miles, others after a few months. So it's a problem you have to anticipate. And there are two solutions.


The first one is the vibration absorbers that some brands have recently released. It seems to do the job in most cases. There are always exceptions but it seems to work. The problem is that you have to spend between 20$ and 35$ more. Passing 100$ for a Smartphone support it starts to be expensive. This is the case with Quadlock or Sp connect to name a few.

The second option?
Opt for a flexible silicone support that will absorb some of the vibrations coupled with a flexible sleeve and that will, among other things, give a little movement (imperceptible to the naked eye) to the smartphone.

That's what we've been working on at Shapeheart. We have done a lot of tests and all the results are explained here if you want to go deeper into the numbers.

You will have understood, it is a real problem that need to be anticipated, which will save you a few hundred euros of repair. So don't miss it.

By the way, we wrote an article and managed to prove that our mount also prevents damage to the camera of your smartphone by absorbing engine vibrations better than its direct competitors.

Attention! Contrary to our sleeves, the adhesive steel plate does not fully protect from engine and road vibrations. The 2 wheels listed on the product page can damage the optical stabilizer of your smartphone by vibrations.

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