Frequently Asked questions

Does it hold?
A danger?

Yes, the magnetic mount withstands up to 13,23 lb of force on running products and 17,64 lb on two-wheeled products.

They have been tested on a track at more than 136,70 mph and in a wind tunnel.

No matter how fast you ride, run or cycle, no matter how bad the road is... your smartphone will not move. On the other hand: it is a removable system, in case of a direct hit on the sleeve or a fall, there is a risk for the sleeve to come off! If you are a professional stuntman, be aware that this product is not made for ;)

About wind resistance

Is it compatible with my smartphone?

Our sleeves are compatible with 99% of the smartphonesincluding protective shells.

A size guide is available on each of our product pages and below. It calculate for you the ideal sleeve according to the dimensions of your smartphone (height x width), shell included.

Size guide

What about reflections?

With our magnetic sleeves, you can use your smartphone and track your GPS day or night. However, in bright sunlight, the sleeve may reflect slightly (as one would lose visibility when using his smartphone in the summer sun).

This is why we decided to produce the adhesive steel plate. It allows you not to have to put your smartphone in the sleeve and to use our supports simply by sticking the plate your shell.

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How to use the adhesive steel plate?

The world's thinnest universal adapter, there are several things to know before using it:

1. The surface must be smooth and perfectly clean.

2. If the adhesion is insufficient you can complete with epoxy glue.

3. Never pull the smartphone in the axis of the magnet, otherwise the plate will come off. Always pull to the side with a lever motion.

4. Always hold the metal plate with your finger when removing the smartphone.

More details

Is it adapted to my body / my vehicle?

For our two-wheeled products, our handlebar attachment (by means of a silicone strap or a pair of rubber bands) is compatible with all products that offer a portion around which to wrap the strap or rubber bands (round or square, stem or handlebar) with a diameter ranging from 0,78" to 2,36".

We are also compatible with all mirrors (moto and scooter) offering a cylindrical section from 0,31" to 0,98" in diameter.

We are half-guideway compatible for diameters ranging from 0,43" to 0,94" steering column hole.

Finally, for the running products, it is very rare that the products are not adapted. We go from 1,42" to 2,20" in waist size and from 0,79" to 1,49" in arm size.

What if I change my smartphone?

You can simply buy the sleeve separately if needed.This saves you from having to change everything every time.

The sleeves

What is the difference between the different sleeves?

There are 3 different types of sleeves :

The classic magnetic sleeve, which is touchscreen and protects against rain (weaterproof).

The sleeve with camera opening has a window on the back that is compatible with all smartphone cameras, as well as being weatherproof.

The waterproof sleeve is completely waterproof and can be immersed in a liquid.

The sleeves

Are your products watherproof?

Our products protect your smartphone from the rain (weatherproof and not waterproof). You can therefore use them in the rain for several hours without worrying. However, they are not designed to be immersed in water except for our sleeve waterproof. So no pool or underwater bike.

The waterproof sleeve

Is there a guarantee on your products?

Of course, for the sleeve, textile and silicone parts the basic warranty is 2 years. This period is extended to 10 years by registering your product. We explain it all here:

All about the guarantee

Is there a risk of breakage due to vibration?


And this is what differentiates us from our competitors. Thanks to the sleeve, the vibrations of the engine and the road are absorbed and do not damage the stabilizer of the camera of the smartphone.

We detail everything in the article below.

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Are you really the only ones doing this?

This is indeed one of the questions we are often asked and the answer is YES, yes and yes again. We invented the concept of sleeve and each product we release is the result of an intense and long reflection on the use as well as a thorough work on the design and the industrial conception.

Why? Because the manufacturing process is quite complex and other brands prefer unique systems at each smartphone which makes you buy their product more regularly. This is not our philosophy.

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