Waterproof sleeve

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You change your smartphone, you need some extra pocket for your convenience, you need a pocket waterproof : you can order a new waterproof sleeve with camera window. Compatible with all our running, cycling, motorbike and scooter products, our sleeve is weatherproof, compatible with your touchscreen and will allow you to take advantage of the different options and apps of your smartphone.

Does it hold?

This is the first question we are usually asked: but does it really hold? You can imagine that with smartphone prices, we made sure that the magnets are strong! The magnetic system supports up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone:

- Excellent handling,whatever the condition of the road (cobblestones, potholes,...)

- Patented

Harmless to the smartphone: the magnets are located between two iron plates which cut the magnetic field at the level of the smartphone


- Compatible with all our products
- 1 pocket size that can accommodate phones up to 6,61" high and 3,46" wide
- Perfectly tactile
- Fully waterproof (IP68) up to 2 yd
- Does not contain a magnetic dock, only the sleeve
- Window for the camera on the back of the sleeve
- Eyelet to attach a safety leash

Patented magnetic system

Harmless to your smartphone

Access your smartphone with a single touch

(GPS, music, app)

Universal sleeveCompatible with all brands

Compatible with all brands


Fully waterproof (IP68) to 2 yd

Customer Reviews

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Sandra De Pauw
Very good sleeve, but…

Tested under rain, it holds quite the road. The only problem is that my smartphone only fits in it when I remove the protective cover. Not a huge problem, but a bit bigger, it would have been perfect.


this sleeve is really at the top, for the waterproofness on the other hand to have a complete load of your laptop because which waterproof says no hole for the cable!

Jean-Jacques T.
sleeve TPH waterproof for bike

Ease of use, quality of the product

Patrick D.
Improvement clue

The concept of magnetic fixation is reliable and very practical but it should ideally be completed by an additional safety fixation (cord) to avoid the fall of the device in case of excessive force exerted accidentally on the device. example: knee blow when pedaling in dance. Otherwise, the layout of the hole provided for the passage of a USB cable means that the sleeve exerts a lateral mechanical effort on the plug that could damage it. Finally, I am not convinced of the usefulness of the phosphorescent surrounding of the sleeve. Sincerely. Patrick.

quintanilla hernandez
Top product!

shipping ok, and the product looks great, just have to test it.