Reflections on sleeve?

We explain it all to you!

Summer and sunshine are here and have been for a few weeks. When you get on your bike, you insert your smartphone into the magnetic Shapeheart sleeve , snap it onto the mount and there... the reflection.

The first thing to do is to check the brightness of your screen and orient your smartphone. And even like that, it may not be enough. Especially on a motorcycle where the position is lower than on a bike. And it's a bit normal, even without sleeve when we use our smartphone laptop in the street in the sun for example, we can't see much at times.

So yes, the sleeve adds a bit of glare but it is there for several reasons. It protects from rain, cold, vibrations, it allows you not to buy a new accessory or support every time you change smartphone... It has some advantages but it is true that in summer, some people would prefer to do without it. If you continue to keep it, we advise you to clean the screen of the smartphone as well as the plastic part of the sleeve to limit the reflections.

After that, you should not forget that Shapeheart sells its products in many countries all around the world. The climatic conditions are not the same everywhere (hello to our friends in the north). Many countries cannot do without a sleeve .

That being said, we don't forget those who enjoy a hot and sunny summer several months of the year. So we simply decided to release a total alternative to our sleeves : the adhesive steel plate.

 The adhesive steel plate

The adhesive steel plate, what is it?

Compatible with our entire product line, the adhesive steel plate eliminates the need to put the smartphone in the sleeve. And above all, with a thickness of 0,059", it is the thinnest universal adapter in the world!

Discreet, aesthetic and just as powerful as our sleeves, the adhesive steel plate is glued directly on the shell of your smartphone in a few seconds! 

As a second solution, we suggest you to use our 360° Booster (extension arm) on the PRO version (bike/motorcycle) and half handlebar, which allows you to orientate the smartphone more vertically and limit the reflections. Indeed, as the light is reflected in the plane of the smartphone, if it is flat, the direct view will reflect the sun/clouds, it works like a mirror.

The adhesive steel plate

You want to get the adhesive steel plate or you already have it installed on your smartphone hull? Before using it, there are several things to know. Even if it is a great product, you have to pay attention to the following points:

1) The gluing of the plate

2) The different surfaces of the shell or the smartphone

3) The fixation of the magnetic dock on your handlebar

4) The way to remove the smartphone from the magnet

5) The plate does not absorb the vibrations

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