How to use our adhesive steel plate?

Some time ago, we looked into the creation of the world's thinnest smartphone holder!

Real alternative to our sleeves, the adhesive steel plate is the thinnest universal adapter in the world, with a thickness of 0,059". Before the commercialization of our metal plate, we tested it for many months on our own smartphones, and as we were happy with it, we decided to commercialize it !

There are several things to know before using it.

Things to know:

Even if it is a great product, you have to pay attention to the different points below:

1) The gluing of the plate

2) The different surfaces of the shell or the smartphone

3) The fixation of the magnetic dock on your handlebar

4) The way to remove the smartphone from the magnet

5) The plate doesn't absorb the vibrations

  • . Gluing the plate

    When sticking the adhesive on the smartphone it is very important to clean the shell of smartphone and to let the sticking rest. We advise you to let it rest overnight to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • . The different surfaces of the hull or the smartphone

    Depending on the shells of smartphones, the adhesive will stick more or less well (on textured shells), or not at all (on textile protections). It is very variable and there is no adhesive that sticks as strongly as our magnets on any surface. If ever the adhesive comes off, the best thing to do is to clean the surface of your plate and your shell of smartphone, then stick the plate with super glue or epoxy glue.

  • . Fixing the magnetic dock on your handlebars

    Make sure the magnet is firmly attached to your bike/motorcycle/backup. If you use rubber bands, the dock will tend to come with your smartphone more easily when you remove it, making the bonding work unnecessarily. Instead, use the strap to keep the dock firmly attached to your handlebars.

  • . How to remove the smartphone from the magnet

    It is important to be very careful how you remove the smartphone from the magnet. It is very important to use a leverage movement (like uncapping a bottle) and never pull in the direction of the magnet, i.e. vertically. We recommend holding the metal plate with a finger on either side of the plate when you pick up your smartphone.

Pay attention

The plate does not absorb vibrations.

It is imperative to note that, unlike the sleeves provided in our bundles, the adhesive steel plate does not protect from vibrations.
Indeed, the smartphone is anchored in the stem of the bike or the handlebars of the motorcycle, so there will be a risk for the optical stabilizer.
When you use our sleeves, your smartphone is not anchored, so it is the smartphone and the magnet that take the vibrations. By the way, we have explained everything here to avoid breakage!

So, by following these tips, you will be able to use the metal plate without any problem 🙂
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